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Functional Senior and Less Active Cat

Boreal Functional foods are designed to help you solve specific issues. We have adjusted the protein, fat and fiber numbers to best suit either aging or indoor cats. Added supplements' will help solve tartar issues, help with hairballs and make for a healthier urinary tract. Boreal Functional have fresh meat as the first ingredient and use low glycemic ingredients.

Our Boréal Cat Foods use Availa®Pet – a special collection of minerals bound to amino acids to make the minerals ‘bio-available’. The organic zinc in Availa®Pet easily absorbed and is many times more available to a cat than other zinc sources. Zinc is essential for healthy skin & coat.

 - Urinary & Dental support
 - Hairball Control
 - Senior & Indoor
 - Fresh Meat
 - Meat Meal
 - Grain Free
 - Low Carb
 - Low GI carbs
 - Bio-available ZN,FE & MN
 - Cranberry extract for pH control
 - Miscanthus fiber to help hairballs

Bag of 5 lb. (2.27 kg) & 12 lb. (5.44 kg)

Our Senior diet also has added glucosamine for joint health and added omega oils for cognitive function support

“ (for cats)…positive view concerning the use of omega-3 fatty acids as dietary supplements, since they have known anti-inflammatory effects and thus may be effective in easing joint discomfort caused by osteoarthritis.”
Miscanthus Fiber for dental abrasion and Sodium Tripolyphosphate to reduce Tarter
Cranberry extract – antioxidant for immune health plus helps lower the pH – healthy cat pH 6- 6.5 –  pulling pH down helps with urinary tract as acidic environment will help dissolve stones

North American Cranberry (Vaccinium macrocarpon) has been shown to provide anti-adhesion activity against Escherichia coli (E. coli) bacteria which is responsible for over 75% of Urinary Tract Infections (UTI).  NATUREX-DBS MOVES BEYOND PACS BY STANDARDIZING CRANBERRY EXTRACTS TO BIOLOGICAL ACTIVITY WITH SUPPORTING HUMAN CLINICAL STUDIES

Miscanthus fiber to help hairballs – grasses proven to be effective hairball control – as well we add Salmon Oil to help a cat expel a hairball

“In conclusion, M (Miscanthus grass ) decreased hairball size and total fecal hair mass per gram of feces, which could be an indication of increased ability of cats to eliminate hair masses through fecal excretion and reduce their regurgitation in a home setting.”  236 Effect of Miscanthus grass as a dietary method to aid hairball control in cats
R. A. Donadelli C. G. Aldrich https://academic.oup.com/jas/article-abstract/95/suppl_4/116/4765157?redirectedFrom=fulltext
Miscanthus Fiber for dental abrasion
Sodium Tripolyphosphate to reduce Tarter – that is what is in many toothpastes

 “Sodium tripolyphosphate binds salivary calcium so it is unavailable to build into tartar. Zinc helps to slow down tartar build-up and has antiseptic properties, therefore, reducing bad breath.”


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