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Functional Senior / Less Active

Ease up the life of your less active or elderly feline. Our Boréal Functional Senior and less Active cat have been specifically formulated to reduce their health issues and keep them happy at feeding times. With fresh deboned chicken being the first ingredient sourced from Canadian farms you’ll be providing them a rich easy to digest meat that’s full of Glucosamine, a powerful amino acid that supports their joint and bone structure.


Every other ingredient has a low GI index, allowing them to stay fuller for longer and keeping their weight in check. It is also carefully formulated to aid their urinary, dental, joint, and energy requirements of older cats. As well as lowering the risk of hairballs, unnecessary coat shedding and color loss.


      Everyday diet for elderly cats, keeping them at a healthy weight

      Miscanthus Fiber to help hairballs and dental health

      Cranberry extract to strengthen the health of the urinary tract and prevent crystals

      Specific fat and protein levels formulated for sterilized and less active elderly cats.

      Built to support their mouth to help prevent and remove tartar

      Organic minerals to help coat colour, dander and shedding

      Infused with glucosamine and chondroitin for joint support

      Grain free, gluten free, free from preservatives and artificial flavors, lowering allergy risk.


Bag of 5 lb. (2.27 kg) & 12 lb. (5.44 kg)


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