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Functional Large Breed Puppy

Lower the risk of health issues later in life for your large breed puppy with this special food. Our functional large breed puppy food contains fresh chicken and low GI ingredients sourced from Canadian farms.


All formulated to help assist their growth, brain, muscle and immune development. Watch them eat in peace, knowing there is a healthy balance of good grains, botanicals and prebiotics, reducing stress on their gut and improving food absorption.


The key for large breed puppy food is to help these puppies grow well, but not too fast. Our protein, fat and other ingredients are all aimed at achieving the ‘perfect’ growth rate for your soon-to-be very big dog.  Our calcium to phosphorus ratio is optimized for large breed puppies. An added benefit of our advanced mineral program is that our bio-available minerals result in more effective vaccination administration and nutrient absorption.



      High in glucosamine a natural amino acid supporting joint and both growth.

      Single meat protein allowing for easy digestion.

      Protein and fat percentage formulated for large breed puppies, keeping their weight balanced  and helping avoid joint and bone issues later in life.

      Added Omega-3 fatty acids with extra EPA and DHA to assist with puppy brain development.

      Grain inclusive and low GI foods allowing them to feel for longer, preventing overeating.

      Special advanced mineral package for muscle development and immune support.

      Taurine and DL-methionine for a healthy heart.




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