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Vital Large Breed Chicken

Satisfy your large canine’s appetite with Vital Chicken, formulated specifically for big breeds. Sourced from Canadian farms and fisheries, the ingredients in this meal are of premium quality.

Maintain their mobility and protect their joints and bones with glucosamine. We prefer chicken as a meat source because it has a full amino acid profile and is a dense source of protein. With a strong focus on a low glycemic formulation, Vital Chicken helps your large dog stay in shape and maintain a healthy weight.

      Large kibble to reduce the likelihood of bloat.

      An everyday diet for large breeds, making meal times a breeze.

      High meat, low carb formula allowing your large dog to stay fuller and satisfied for longer.

      Grain free and gluten free, containing no artificial colours, preservatives, or flavours, making it a healthy hypoallergenic meal.

Bags 25 lb. 11.3 kg


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