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Vital Chicken

Make the most out of your pets mealtimes with Vital Chicken. Sourced from Canadian farms, you’ll be supplying them with highly nutritious food and a tasty one, too! With Vital Chicken, maximize muscle growth and development due to a natural source of glucosamine and a  high meat and low carb content.

In combination with this, the remaining ingredients are low glycemic, allowing you to keep your cute companion fuller for longer. Enrich their quality of life by removing the risk of unwarranted blood sugar spikes, weight gain, and more with Boréal Vital.

      Everyday diet for any dog breed to help with healthy weight management.

      High quality Canadian Chicken as the first ingredient, a protein dense and easy to digest meat.

      High Meat Low Carb leaving your pet feeling fuller for longer compared to corn, potato, wheat, or soy.

      Grain Free and Gluten Free with no artificial colours, preservatives, or flavours, doubling up as a healthy hypoallergenic food.

Bags 25 lb. and 5 lb.


Guaranteed and Typical Analysis

Recommended Feeding Chart (per day)

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