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Proper Large Breed Red Meat

Maximize muscle growth and sharpen your canines cognitive capabilities with our nutritious Proper Red Meat Large Breed. With Canadian sourced pork and Australian lamb as the main ingredients, you’ll be providing them with a mouthwatering meal packed full of nutritious properties.

Make a positive impact on their brain and muscle development due to its high iron, phosphorus, selenium and zinc levels. Also, with high protein, low carb, low GI foods,  oats and barley, you’ll allow them to feel fuller for longer, saving their appetite and your bank balance in the long term. This meal also supports their cardiac health, with added Taurine and DL-Methionine.

      Large kibble reducing the risk of bloat and allows for easy digestion.

      Controlled protein levels to help with weight management and joint health.

      Everyday diet for large breeds doubling up as a hypoallergenic meal.

      High quality Canadian pork and Australian lamb, serving as an excellent source of iron, phosphorus, selenium and zinc and a food source of protein and dietary fat.

      Grain free and gluten free, containing no artificial colours, preservatives, or flavours, being suitable for all diets.

      Organic minerals make their coat deeper in colour.

      Low GI foods, keeping them full for longer compared to potato, white rice, corn or soy.


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