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Original Lamb

Treat your pets taste buds with our Original fresh Australian lamb using low-glycemic ingredients. Mainly sourced from Canadian farms and fisheries, our ingredients are grain free, low carb and have a low glycemic rating, formulated with a single purpose: to keep your pet healthy and moving freely.   

Keep your pet in shape with fewer risks of spiking cholesterol from our deboned, low-fat premium grade lamb protein.  Infused with high levels of iron, phosphorus, selenium and zinc, there’s an  increased likelihood of a deeper coloured, smoother and softer coat, making coat maintenance a breeze.

●    Low GI and botanical based foods: Let them feel fuller for longer, with easy-to-digest, slow releasing energy foods packed with prebiotics.

●    Grain free, hypoallergenic formula, gluten free, free from artificial colours, preservatives or flavours, perfect for an everyday diet.

●    Fresh and nutrient dense: Maximize their mobility, manage their weight and maintain a great coat.

●    Taurine and DL-Methionine: Amino sulfonic acids to optimize heart health and lower blood pressure.

Fun fact:  A recent study found that dogs, when fed our advanced minerals, experienced smoother footpads and less soreness, leading to more activity, in addition to better coat color.

Bags of 25 lb (11,3 kg) and 8,8 lb (4 kg).


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