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Functional Large Breed Puppy

ü  Fresh Meat as First Ingredient

ü  High Meat Low Carb

ü  Protein and fat levels to help large breed puppies grow at a safe rate – not too fast

ü  Extra Omega-3 EPA and DHA to help puppy brain development

ü  Grain Inclusive with low glycemic Oats and Barley

ü  Prebiotics to Help Digestion

ü  Botanicals for gut health and antioxidants

ü  Taurine and DL-Methionine for Healthy Heart

ü  Canadian Chicken

ü  Unique organic minerals for deeper coat color and improved mobility

At Boréal we strive to make the best food for every dog and cat. We source every possible ingredient from Canadian farms and fisheries.  Functional Large Breed Puppy is a high meat, low carb, with low glycemic index oats and barley added as ‘good grains’.  We centre around low glycemic foods; to help keep your pet healthy.

·      We use high quality fresh, deboned chicken as the first ingredient – Chicken is a source of naturally occurring glucosamine, an amino acid which supports joints and bones. As well chicken is a protein dense meat and is easily digested.

·      Boréal Functional Large Breed Puppy is designed to help your puppy grow and a healthy pace:

o   Protein and Fat % aimed at large breed puppies to keep them growing - not too fast to avoid issues later in life.

o   Added Omega-3 fatty acids with extra EPA and DHA to help with puppy brain development

o   Balanced Calcium/Phosphorus ratio to maintain healthy mineral levels

o   Special organic mineral package for muscle development and immune support. These minerals help puppy vaccines be more effective.

·      Boréal Functional Large Breed Puppy is built around low glycemic index foods – which take longer for your pet to digest compared to foods with potato, white rice, corn or soy.

·      Boréal Functional Large Breed Puppy is a high meat food, using low glycemic index oats and barley – we use no artificial colours, preservatives or flavours.

At Boréal we add a unique blend of organic minerals to all our foods to help produce a better coloured, softer coat. A recent study found in addition to better coat color, footpads became smoother and less sore leading to more activity. Ask us about Propath® Pet from Zinpro® Performance Minerals.




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