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Vital Whitefish

Protect your pets' health with low fat Vital Whitefish. Mainly sourced from local Canadian farms and fisheries, it's the ideal alternative to red meat meals. Filled with essential nutrients like Omega 3 fatty acids, including DHA, EPA, and amino acids, Boréal silently supports hair growth, skin health, and overall glow.

Keep your pet satisfied and energized long after meal times with our slow digesting low GI ingredients. Reduce their fat absorption and risk of allergy flare-ups with our high meat, low carb, grain, and gluten-free, hypoallergenic formula, designed to keep your pet healthy and moving freely. 

      Fresh Canadian Whitefish as first Ingredient, an ideal low fat meal alternative. Our whitefish is wild caught.

      Single meat protein packed Omega-3 fatty acids for excellent coat maintenance.

      High Meat Low Carb leaving your pet feeling fuller for longer compared to corn, potato, wheat, or soy.

      Grain Free and Gluten Free with no artificial colours, preservatives, or flavors, doubling up as a healthy hypoallergenic food.

      Canadian Whitefish is a local, lean form of meat, great for heart and brain health.

Bags 25 lb. 11.33 kg and 5 lb. 2.26 kg


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