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Healthy Grains Chicken

Provide the right balance of carbohydrates, proteins, nutrients and antioxidants to your pet in their everyday diet with Healthy Grains Chicken. Specifically formulated with low GI foods, like oats and barley, you'll pleasantly keep your four-legged friend fuller due to slower digesting ingredients.


Consisting of deboned Canadian chicken sourced from local farms, you'll not only satisfy your pet's hunger but also help them win at life. Being a naturally occurring source of Glucosamine, a powerful amino acid, you'll actively support their joints and bones as they age.


      Prebiotics to help smooth the digestive process

      High meat, low carb, reducing the risk of weight gain.

      Powerful antioxidants and botanicals to optimize their gut health.

      Taurine and DL-Methionine to safeguard their heart.

      Organic mineral to ensure a smoother and shinier coat.

      Free from artificial colours, preservatives or flavours, suitable for every day diet.  




Recommended Feeding Chart (per day)

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