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Traditional Blend Chicken Meal Formula

Give your pet food fit for every breed with our traditional blend chicken. Sourced from Canadian farms, this high quality meat and ingredients are packed with flavours and nutrients. Support their muscle maintenance and keep them in shape with our Traditional Blend's strong amino acid profile.

Allow your pet to feel content long after their meal ends, from low GI ingredients and slow digesting grains like oat and barley. As well as contributing to their heart health, mobility and cardiac function with a range of bio available organic minerals.

      Single meat protein lowering the likelihood of an allergy flare up.

      13.6kg/30 lbs and 16.8kg/37lb bags, saving unnecessary store visits.

      Taurine and DL-Methionine for stronger heart health.

      Packed with brown rice, minerals, vitamins and high-quality complex carbohydrates for easy digestion.

      High quality Canadian chicken as the first ingredient, supporting local farmers and filled with amino acids to support bones and joints.

      Low GI foods keeping them full longer than potato, white rice, corn or soy.




Recommended Feeding Chart (per day)

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