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Cobb Chicken, New Zealand Lamb & Angus Beef

Our new reformulated Boréal canned cat foods have 95% of the protein from Meat/Fish and are designed to have almost no carbohydrates or starches. Our goal is to help lower your pets risk of unwanted weight gain.  Our Canadian-made line is gum free and gluten free. Our Cobb Chicken, NZ Lamb and Angus Beef cat food is made from Canadian chicken and beef and New Zealand lamb. No cereals, grains, artificial colour, gums or thickeners added. We add Availa®Pet as it is the most easily absorbed and utilized trace mineral product available. It is specially formulated for companion animals and is more ‘bio-available’ than other forms of zinc, iron and manganese. Zinc and manganese are important for skin health and coat quality. This includes better hair coat length and shine, and enhanced skin integrity and wound healing. Zinc, manganese and iron all contribute to the growth and development of pets including weight gain in kittens, bone development and joint maintenance and repair.

·         95% meat protein content – Canadian ingredients with NZ Lamb

·         Made in Canada in new state-of-the-art facility

·         Gum free  - we removed all gums and gluten – use pea starch as thickener

·         Grain free, Potato free

·         Cans are pop-top, stackable and are BPA and Epoxy free

·         To help skin and coat we add full daily dose of zinc amino acid complex

·         Cobb chicken is Canada’s most popular breed

Cans 156 gm (5.5 oz) and 80 gm (2.8 oz) Cans are BPA and Epoxy free.  Note: the 369 gm (13oz) size currently unavailable




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