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Flea and Tick

Natural oils (Cedar leaves and Yarrow), work their way out to the skin carrying an unpleasant “scent” to the fleas and tick. Other natural oils (Neem and Andrographis Paniculata) make the blood taste bitter helping to repel unwanted fleas and ticks. Typically, can use for 1 to 2 months (heavy infestation). It is safe to use longer throughout the season; however, take 1 week breaks in between each 2 months of usage. Garlic free.

120 Capsules
60 Capsules

Neem Leaves, Andrographis Paniculata, Cedar Leaves, Yarrow, Diatomaceous Earth.

For 120 capsules (Medium & Large Dogs)

•     7.2-11 kg (15.9-24.2 lbs) 1 capsule 1 x per day
•     11-20 kg (24.2-44 lbs) 1 capsule 2 x’s per day
•     20-31.7 kg (44. -70 lbs) 1 capsule 3 x’s per day
•     over 31.7 kg (70 lbs) 2 capsules 2 x’s per day

For 60 capsules (Cats & Small Dogs

•     2.2-4 kg (4.9-8.8 lbs) 1 capsule 1 x per day
•     4-7 kg (8.8-15.4 lbs) 1 capsule 2 x’s per day

Capsules can be taken apart and the contents can be mixed with wet food.

Note: Not yet available in Canada.

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